How to Memorize the Qur’an by Age 7!

One mother's recipe on how she accomplished it with her daughter! [Chapter 1] My SMART Result What was the mother specifically aiming to achieve? I was specifically aiming for her to memorize all the Qur'an in about 3 years (as I had heard that people normally finish in 3-5 years). However, she finished in 2.5 … Continue reading How to Memorize the Qur’an by Age 7!


The Hifdh Race! Bismillah…

Warning: Personal and embarassing confession ahead. I've been trying to memorise the Qur'an with word-by-word translation for a long time now; a very long time. Sure, I know many suwar by heart and their rough translation in English, but I've been learning in such an adhoc manner that I don't feel confident enough to say … Continue reading The Hifdh Race! Bismillah…

Interview with Hafidha Iffath Hasan

In trying to introduce Hafidha Iffath Hasan, one does not know where to start. She is the inspiring soul behind – a website that embodies simplicity, consistency, and insight. A mother of two and a teacher, she has also memorised the entire Qur’an at the age of 37.There’s a touching and inspiring story behind … Continue reading Interview with Hafidha Iffath Hasan