Contents of the course

Learn the theory behind the rules of tajweed according to the qira’ah of Hafs an Asem from the way of Shatibiyyah. The course will, in sha Allah, enable you to appreciate the finer points behind the rules and prepare for ijaza examinations.

The lessons will be split between learning the rules one by one and applying them in the Qur’an for practice until the student is comfortable enough to implement the rules as well as teach them.

This course is for adults who are eager to perfect their reading and grasp the finer details of reading the Quran with tajweed (and perhaps undergo teaching examinations in this field).

Medium of instruction: English

What you need

  • A computer with a high-speed Internet connection and a headset with microphone
  • A personal Skype or Zoom account
  • A dedicated notebook and stationery


Lessons are typically conducted between 1AM and 10AM UTC time zone, Monday-Friday. (Click here to convert times.)

You will be assigned a permanent time slot for every week.


Paid in Singapore Dollars per month via PayPal, debit card, or credit card. (Click here to see currency conversion rates.) A subscription link will be sent to you when your application is accepted.

  • Option 1: S$50 per month, per student (one session per week)
  • Option 2: S$80 per month, per student (two sessions per week)
  • Option 3: S$100 per month, per student (three sessions per week)

1 session = 30 minutes

Student policy

The student policy contains important information about what to expect from your lessons and what will be expected of you in return. Please take a few minutes to read this before applying.