Al-Wird Al-Latif

This is a beautiful daily practice for each morning. ⇒ Click here for PDF file of Al-Wird Al-Latif in Arabic, with transliteration and translation in English   ⇒ Click here for audio recording of Al-Wird Al-Latif (MP3, 18 minutes)   ⇒ Click here for commentary on Al-Wird Al-Latif by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (MP3, 1 hour) … Continue reading Al-Wird Al-Latif


Supplications for the Student of Knowledge

Here is a compilation of duas (supplications) that can be used before commencing a lesson. You can download the collection in PDF format, print it out and have it up where you will be reminded to use the supplications frequently, or print out several copies and have one in each book that you use. If … Continue reading Supplications for the Student of Knowledge