Imam Malik’s Letter to Al-Umari the Renuncient

Reposted from The Humble I Imam Malik was once urged by Abd Allah Al-Umari – who was given to much worldly detachment (zuhd) – that he ought to devote far more time to spiritual seclusion and to other personal acts of piety. Imam Malik wrote a letter of courtesy to him, offering this piece of … Continue reading Imam Malik’s Letter to Al-Umari the Renuncient


Success with the Madina Arabic Series

Years ago one of my teachers directed me to the LQ Toronto website to get me started on Arabic studies. I had previously studied a bit of Arabic in school and was looking for a more detailed yet affordable course to follow. LQ Toronto hosts all the resources you'll need to follow the Madina Arabic … Continue reading Success with the Madina Arabic Series

Umm Al-Saad Al-Iskandariyah

Umm Al-Sa'ad Al-Askandariyyah (Alexandria) (D. 17th Ramadhan 1427 (Around October 10th, 2006)) After Umm Al-Sa'ad completed her memorization of the Quran at the age of 15 she went to the Shaykha Nufaysa bint Abu Al-Alaa, who was known as "The Shaykha of her time" to request from her to learn the 10 Qira'aat (recitations). Nufaysa … Continue reading Umm Al-Saad Al-Iskandariyah

Another Mother of the Believers By Shaykh Hamza Yusuf The land of Chinguett, more commonly known to the English-speaking world as Mauritania, is renowned for producing great scholars, saints, and erudite women of note. Scholars traveling to Mauritania have noted that “even their women memorize vast amounts of literature.” Mauritanian women have traditionally excelled in poetry, seerah, and genealogy, … Continue reading Another Mother of the Believers

Interview with Hafidha Iffath Hasan

In trying to introduce Hafidha Iffath Hasan, one does not know where to start. She is the inspiring soul behind – a website that embodies simplicity, consistency, and insight. A mother of two and a teacher, she has also memorised the entire Qur’an at the age of 37.There’s a touching and inspiring story behind … Continue reading Interview with Hafidha Iffath Hasan