Get Serious About Teaching Qur’an Online

I submitted this to with slight modifications. In the first part of this article, I shared some tips for being a productive online student. A teacher is still very much a student, so if you haven’t read the previous post, I highly recommend you head over there first! In this part, we will look at … Continue reading Get Serious About Teaching Qur’an Online

Get Serious About Learning Qur’an Online

I submitted this to with slight modifications. “Learning Qur’an online? Does that really work?!” “How can a computer replace a live teacher? I doubt my child will make much progress with online learning.” “I’m not good with computers – I don’t think online Qur’an lessons are for me.” “I don’t feel comfortable teaching someone who … Continue reading Get Serious About Learning Qur’an Online

Is Ramadan All About Worship? No Marital Love?

I wrote this for When making Ramadan plans, the focus is often on reciting more Qur’an, attending taraweeh, hosting/attending iftar, preparing the kitchen in advance, and even decorating the house for the season. “Improve marriage” rarely tops the list, or even finds a place at the bottom. However, a successful marriage can be your … Continue reading Is Ramadan All About Worship? No Marital Love?

Umm Al-Saad Al-Iskandariyah

Umm Al-Sa'ad Al-Askandariyyah (Alexandria) (D. 17th Ramadhan 1427 (Around October 10th, 2006)) After Umm Al-Sa'ad completed her memorization of the Quran at the age of 15 she went to the Shaykha Nufaysa bint Abu Al-Alaa, who was known as "The Shaykha of her time" to request from her to learn the 10 Qira'aat (recitations). Nufaysa … Continue reading Umm Al-Saad Al-Iskandariyah

Another Mother of the Believers By Shaykh Hamza Yusuf The land of Chinguett, more commonly known to the English-speaking world as Mauritania, is renowned for producing great scholars, saints, and erudite women of note. Scholars traveling to Mauritania have noted that “even their women memorize vast amounts of literature.” Mauritanian women have traditionally excelled in poetry, seerah, and genealogy, … Continue reading Another Mother of the Believers

How to Memorize the Qur’an by Age 7!

One mother's recipe on how she accomplished it with her daughter! [Chapter 1] My SMART Result What was the mother specifically aiming to achieve? I was specifically aiming for her to memorize all the Qur'an in about 3 years (as I had heard that people normally finish in 3-5 years). However, she finished in 2.5 … Continue reading How to Memorize the Qur’an by Age 7!

Ultimate Muslima Planner

I wrote this for Productive Muslim. Making to-do lists is a good habit but not necessarily the hallmark of a productive person. Anyone can ramble about what they need to do. The hallmark of a productive person, however, is his/her ability to fill up the ‘Done’ list (without always being serious and in a rush). … Continue reading Ultimate Muslima Planner

The Hifdh Race! Bismillah…

Warning: Personal and embarassing confession ahead. I've been trying to memorise the Qur'an with word-by-word translation for a long time now; a very long time. Sure, I know many suwar by heart and their rough translation in English, but I've been learning in such an adhoc manner that I don't feel confident enough to say … Continue reading The Hifdh Race! Bismillah…

The Ramadan Technology Diet

I wrote this for While we are cleansing our souls and bodies during Ramadan, why not take this opportunity to cleanse our schedules as well? Ramadan is the perfect time to go lean and cut away the unnecessary activities that lead us to a reduced state of productivity. Now that’s a broad area to … Continue reading The Ramadan Technology Diet