Al-Wird Al-Latif

This is a beautiful daily practice for each morning. ⇒ Click here for PDF file of Al-Wird Al-Latif in Arabic, with transliteration and translation in English   ⇒ Click here for audio recording of Al-Wird Al-Latif (MP3, 18 minutes)   ⇒ Click here for commentary on Al-Wird Al-Latif by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (MP3, 1 hour) … Continue reading Al-Wird Al-Latif


Supplications for the Student of Knowledge

Here is a compilation of duas (supplications) that can be used before commencing a lesson. You can download the collection in PDF format, print it out and have it up where you will be reminded to use the supplications frequently, or print out several copies and have one in each book that you use. If … Continue reading Supplications for the Student of Knowledge

Learning from the Lawha

I had my first lesson when I was around 3 years old with a high-ranking scholar from overseas. He passed away some years ago; may Allah have mercy on his soul. I strongly believe that the dua and influence of this special person has something to do with me continuing to learn and grow in … Continue reading Learning from the Lawha

A Call to Devotion: Reading the Qur’an as a Modern Muslim

Reposted from The Sila Intiative devotion (noun): love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person or activity; religious worship or observance; profound dedication Devotion, and Its Fruits She would then spread the prayer-mat, a beautiful soft Persian piece, its direction towards the East. She was now going towards the corner in the room where wrapped in … Continue reading A Call to Devotion: Reading the Qur’an as a Modern Muslim

Imam Malik’s Letter to Al-Umari the Renuncient

Reposted from The Humble I Imam Malik was once urged by Abd Allah Al-Umari – who was given to much worldly detachment (zuhd) – that he ought to devote far more time to spiritual seclusion and to other personal acts of piety. Imam Malik wrote a letter of courtesy to him, offering this piece of … Continue reading Imam Malik’s Letter to Al-Umari the Renuncient

Success with the Madina Arabic Series

Years ago one of my teachers directed me to the LQ Toronto website to get me started on Arabic studies. I had previously studied a bit of Arabic in school and was looking for a more detailed yet affordable course to follow. LQ Toronto hosts all the resources you'll need to follow the Madina Arabic … Continue reading Success with the Madina Arabic Series

Making Progress with Seeking Ilm

Seeking knowledge can take a person through any number of routes. There's always a must-do course, a must-attend event, and a must-listen lecture; or many of these at the same time. It gets overwhelming. Many times it leads to no substantial change; and barely any real knowledge. When enough is enough, instead of tossing everything … Continue reading Making Progress with Seeking Ilm