Best of Ilm Student Central 2017

Ilm Student Central launched earlier this year and since then it’s been a steady case of trial and error as I’ve worked to understand my audience and provide focused content.

Being a fledgling venture still in its first year, much of my time was spent on polishing up my course offerings and less time went towards announcing the blog posts. So to make up for that, here’s a round-up of some of the key posts that I thought would be worth highlighting for this year.

If you find anything to be of benefit, please share and leave a comment so I’ll know what’s most relevant to you and how I can serve you better in sha Allah. 🙂

  1. Interview with Hafidha Iffath Hasan
  2. Get Serious about Learning Qur’an Online
  3. Crying Over Blessings in Disguise
  4. [Rida Series #8] When Other People Destroy Your Peace
  5. They Say They’ll Be There

P.S.: I’d like to introduce you to a few sisters in the blogging world whom I’ve had the honour of collaborating with this year. Please check out the best of their posts for 2017 too.

  1. Aysh Siddiqua @ JeddahMom
  2. Neymat Raboobee @ The Imperfect Muslimah
  3. Shahira @ By Shahira
  4. Salma Mehajabeen @ Alizehmysoul
  5. Kay Tarapolsi @ A Crafty Arab
  6. Jameela Ho @ Ilma Education
  7. Umm Afraz Muhammed @ Umm Afraz Muhammed Blog
  8. Ambreen Ali @ MyBlessedNest
  9. Afreen Zia @ Afreen’s Kitchen
  10. Weronika Ozpolat @ Multicultural Motherhood
  11. Anum Basit @ The Lady of the House

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