They Say They’ll Be There


They say they’ll be there
But never show up
They say they care
But hardly a “what’s up?”
They routinely share
But won’t give me a listen
They won’t raise a hair
If I were to go missing

Behind the hard gaze
Is a heart that’s trembling
Behind the hate mail
Is a soul that’s crumbling
Behind the happy picture
Is a life that’s in pieces
But will they ever know
About the tears within the creases?

If not for the Hereafter
Would I still hold on?
If not for my Creator
Would I care to go on?
If not for my Habib
Whom I yearn to meet
Would I persevere trudgingly
On worry-laden feet?

How real are these graphics?
This virtual reality?
How do we succumb?
And foul up the priority?
With Him is the Truth
This life but an illusion
What matters each day is:
What is your reaction?

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