Success with the Madina Arabic Series

Madina Arabic Books Series

Years ago one of my teachers directed me to the LQ Toronto website to get me started on Arabic studies. I had previously studied a bit of Arabic in school and was looking for a more detailed yet affordable course to follow.

LQ Toronto hosts all the resources you’ll need to follow the Madina Arabic series. This is a world-famous course of study that is simple in its design and provides a sound grasp of the Arabic language.

I’ve dabbled in a few different Arabic courses since then, including those offered by Understand Quran Academy and Bayyinah TV. These are valuable in themselves and I may write about them some other time in sha Allah.

The Madinah Arabic series, however, has its own merits and is worth pursuing if you are looking for something:

  • simple and easy to follow
  • affordable (the only expense is if you decide to buy the books and DVDs)
  • self-paced (take your own time)
  • has a supportive community of students (check out the student forum)

What motivated me to share this series? Not just my own personal experience with it, but this amazing story of a sister who started the series from a point of barely being able to read Arabic to becoming a teacher! Click here to read the story.

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