It’s Your Choice

The heart has hardened
The tears have dried
In fear of your Lord
When have you last cried?
To ward off Satan
Have you ever strived?
For the cause of Islam
What have you ever tried?
Without a care
How many times have you lied?

Time does not wait
Just like the tide
You’ll be questioned one day
And you cannot hide
You’ll be punished, perhaps
For your sins and your pride
There’s no chance to escape
No chance to bribe

Leave what’s wrong
And do what’s right
One leads to doom
The other, to light
If you heed not the Message
You’ll regret your plight
Wishing you had revered
What you had regarded with spite

To the Quran and Sunnah
Do hold on tight
You’ll be granted a future
Joyous and bright
Worship your Rabb
Doubt not His Might
Towards Al-Matheen alone
Direct your fright

Use well your blessings
Your hearing, speech and sight
Only in doing good
Your time you should bide

Pray to Al-Haadee
To guide your heart and mind
Anticipate rewards
Of graves well-lit and wide
Of luxurious dwellings
And virgins wide-eyed

You must choose
To abandon blasphemy
And with Haq to side
A day will dawn
When you have died
You’ll be bathed and buried
Dressed in white
The angels will take you
On an inevitable ride
Whether it’s fun-filled or fearful
Depends on what you now decide…

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